Advanced driving course

Advanced driving course

For drivers with a (invalid) foreign license

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This course is especially for expats with a foreign driver’s license who want to prepare extra well for the Dutch CBR practical exam and/or drive even more safely.

In this program we will significantly expand your driving skills with a number of advanced driving skills exercises. The most important special maneuvers are also discussed and we will help you learn the most desirable viewing structure, a specialistic eye-steering coordination and your anticipatory ability will be thoroughly tested, challenged and expanded on a driving skills circuit.

With the effect of these advanced driving skills, the driving lessons, the driving test and your daily journeys will go even more smooth, safer and succesfull.

This course is completely provided, including fun, lunch and, if necessary, transfer to and from Deurne train station.

Because expats from all over the Netherlands can participate, we have put together a unique #ArriveDriveNL packages with, for example:

  • English-language theory
  • Additional driving lessons on the road
  • Followed by a TTT and/or CBR exam
  • Hotel or guesthouse overnight stays

Participation is only possible after a successful Intake. For more information click on this link:



  • Stuurvaardigheid trainen
  • Bijzondere verrichtingen
  • Noodstops maken met ABS
  • Kijk- en bochtentechnieken
  • Rijstrook wisselen + kijkstructuur


  • Veiligheidsbriefing
  • Lunchverzorging
  • Handgeschakeld
  • Automaat


  • Aanvullende rijlessen
  • CBR Praktijkexamen auto.

Prijs en info

  • Prijs op aanvraag

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